Friday, November 18, 2005

Why we went to Iraq

-- and why the left is so damaging to the cause of freedom there. In today's OpinionJournal.
Would Senators Sam Nunn, Pat Moynihan, Bob Kerrey, Chuck Robb, David Boren or Henry M. Jackson have conducted their opposition to President Bush's war policies in Iraq as have Senators Harry Reid, Richard Durbin, Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer? The former group stood for the idea of a loyal opposition; the latter stand simply in opposition.
Here is one man's view of why we are in Iraq: We are trying to democratize this country so they don't try to kill us. That Iraqis should "get their freedom" is genuinely good and desirable. But I wish President Bush would say more often that Iraqi democratization is in our raw self-interest. It doesn't much matter to me whether the country we democratize is Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Syria. The theory that democracies don't attack other democracies is as strong as such notions get, and what the world most needs now is a new, large Islamic democracy. A democracy, however "imperfect," is less likely than an authoritarian state to detonate a nuclear device in someone else's territory.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let's see what happens Dept.

I'm not sure how earth-shattering this is, but the fact is, an NAACP leader switching to the GOP, as reported in the Orlando Sentinel,is darned unusual. Does it foreshadow a realization among African-Americans that the Democratic Party, in decades of social welfare and PC posturing, has not helped, and in fact has hurt minorities? It will be interesting to see what the MSM do with this, if anything. Thanks to Drudge.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Costume Malfunction Department

Woman bomber's device wouldn't detonate. Despite the fact that this woman tried to kill people, it appears she was used by her husband, whose bomb DID go off. From some of the comments she's made, she appears to be an obedient wife forced to do something she didn't really want to do -- or else she's just addled. How many people involved in terrorist acts are simply being used? We know children are, now this pathetic woman. The plus side is that she may provide useful information about terrorist operations. I feel sorry for her, in a way, and for anyone else who is used by Islamist monsters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Political Grandstanding Dept.

If Senator Domenici, Senator Pelosi and others skilled in the art of indignation (and nothing else) REALLY want to help Americans pay for gasoline, they should look to the gas taxes piled on by federal and state governments that far exceed the profit margins of the oil companies themselves. This is nonsense, political theatre designed to make stupid, jealous people feel better while not doing one thing to improve the supply situation. Lower taxes and a better energy policy that frees the experts (OIL COMPANIES) to increase supply are what is needed. I don't care HOW much oil companies make, because they'll keep investing in more ways to get more oil. Scapegoating is for dummies.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Wartime atrocities should be condemned .. unless, of course, they're fabrications.

Jimmy Massey, a former Marine who has been telling the world about atrocities he committed, has been found to be a liar. Read on..

The problem is, of course, that his lies have been published and repeated ad nauseum by the press, both mainstream and in the blogosphere, so now this crap is part of the public record. Like internet hoaxes, they'll never go away. The left can't win with the truth, so they back up liars and goofballs like Massey and Cindy Sheehan (Hey, what happened to her? I thought she was the left's best buddy.)

Intelligent Design Exam

Here's a little exam for the proponents of the intelligent design "theory."

1. Can you define the difference between an full-fledged scientific theory, a hypothesis based on observable facts, and a philosophical point of view based on faith? Hint: "Intelligent Design" is in the third category. You see, while I.D. folk denigrate evolution as "just another theory," intelligent design doesn't even QUALIFY as a theory. See the Smithsonian or National Geo web sites and do a search on "intelligent design" for further information.

2. What other areas of science besides evolution would you dismiss in favor of accounts you find in the Bible? If none, why is evolution the only area of science with which you take issue?

3. Essay Question: Compare and contrast Darwin's theory with the Intelligent Design idea in terms of:
a) the observable facts they explain;
b) the archeological record;
c) any experimental results that can be duplicated following specific procedures.

4. Darwin observed not just Galapagos turtles, but hundeds of other species to formulate his ideas. What have you observed?

5. Story problem: Billy Graham, Osama bin Laden, and Tom Cruise walk into a coffee shop. After about three espressos they begin a heated argument about their respective faith-based views of how man came to be. They begin slugging it out. Who wins the fight, and why?

6. Are ALL unexplainable phenomena so complex that intelligent design is the only logical explanation? If so, in what ways does this point of view differ from, say, the idea that the sun is really a god in a golden chariot or that monsters are waiting at the edge of the earth?

EXTRA CREDIT: Explain why we should believe that Philip Johnson, father of the I.D. movement, who has no background in the biological sciences (see, should have more credibility than others in the established scientific community.

Start writing now, and most important, no cheating.