Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fox News is reporting at this moment that turnout is about 60 percent of registered Iraqi voters, when Zogby expected between 40 and 50 percent. We don't get that kind of turnout in the US. How will the left spin this now?

The history of the left's opposition to US involvement in Iraq is that of shifting targets and points of view. Initially, they did believe, as everyone did, that WMD's existed. But as soon as the invasion started, they immediately talked of "quagmire" and that we couldn't win. Then we won.

So, the left changed its objections to say yes, we had won the war, but we were screwing up the "winning of the piece," whatever that means. They said we didn't have enough troops there to deal with the insurgent situation. But they demanded an "exit strategy." And on top of that, we now we have Ted Kennedy stating that we should pull troops out and that our troops are the PROBLEM. More troops? Fewer troops? Which is it, folks?

The left said early on that we could not have the elections so soon, because they wouldn't work, insinuating that democracy is not something Iraqis are "ready for" (an arrogant, near-racist point of view if I've ever heard it.) Now the elections ARE working. Yes there is violence, which was expected, but the Iraqis, the people who "aren't ready for democracy" have turned out in larger-than-expected numbers, defying threats of death. How many Americans would do the same under similar circumstances? Certainly not to vote for the likes of John Kerry, I'm thinking.

The left has consistently predicted wrong on every aspect of this war. And when proven wrong, they consistently move to the next "Yes, but.." argument, only to be proven wrong again. Isn't it time we stopped listening to these people?

Spoken like a true loser

You-know-who on the rocky, but (so far) successful Iraqi election:: "'It is hard to say that something is legitimate when whole portions of the country can't vote and doesn't vote,' Kerry said."

Congratulations to the people of Iraq

If you voted, you should be proud that you defied the thugs and did the right thing. If you did not, or could not, there will be more opportunities to do so in the future, and you should be proud of your brethren who did go to the polls. This is a great day for Iraq, and, I hope, the first of many.