Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Drive safely -- better yet, don't drive at all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sir Howard the Disloyal

Dean's party loyalty is coming under fairly heavy question today following some remarks he made about support not being transferrable, in the event he doesn't get the nomination. Dems, including blogger Josh Marshall have been a tad annoyed about this. Taranto in today's WSJ Best of the Web gives the full skinny. Is Dean imploding? Not sure. Has he "peaked too early?" Maybe. From a Republican viewpoint (mine), he may be "imploding too early." That is, early enough that a general-election-viable Democratic candidate might actually get a pinky-finger grip on the nomination.

Michael Jackson, revisited

Yesterday I noted that I wasn't sure Michael Jackson was guilty of anything. Not precisely what I meant to say -- he MAY not be guilty of anything in the legal sense, but sleeping in the same bed with kids who are not your own is pretty much unacceptable behavior in anyone's book, regardless of how you parse the child molestation laws. Jackson is quite obviously a mentally unwell person, and probably very unhappy, and that's sad, given his exceptional talent as an entertainer. And I feel sorry for him, but somewhere a bell should have gone off in his head telling him he was making a big mistake.

And I reiterate, where were the parents of these kids he's accused of molesting? They are certainly culpable if Jackson himself is.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Early morning blogosis

Yes, it's not quite 5:00 am and I'm up and blogging. This wouldn't be so bad, except that I went to bed at around midnight and slept only fitfully until about 3:45 when I gave up and came down to the computer. I NEVER do this, so I'm wondering if my problem is that I slept about 12 hours from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Work will be loads of fun around noon. I couldn't really pull all-nighters in college very well, and doing it at age 50 isn't any easier, let me tell you. But for some reason tonight, even Art Bell couldn't put me to sleep. Art is signing off soon, and so will I, just to see if I can get an hour in before it's really time to get up.

McCain-Feingold and Us

The recent campaign finance reform act passed and actually SIGNED by President Bush in one of his less than shining moments, has now been reaffirmed by a misguided Supreme Court. For the first time, our rights to freedom of speech have been infringed. Despite the fact that the First Amendment is very clear on this matter. Damn you John McCain, especially, for urinating on the legacy of Jefferson. Culpepper Log puts it together for us vis-a-vis the blogging world, but the principle applies to all.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

In other recent news

Yeah, I'm REALLY glad we caught Saddam Hussein like a rat in a, well, rat-hole. Har. On the other hand, Howard Dean "supposes" catching him was a good thing. If this guy actually gets elected we're in real trouble.

Michael Jackson's capture is another story. While he has produced one of the scarier looking celebrity mug shots in recent memory, I'm not sure he's really guilty of anything. Yeah, the slumber parties are weird. Very weird. But somehow, I don't think he's a molester. This thing smells like a set-up to me; someone looking for publicity, money or both. I'll stand corrected if they actually convict him, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Rush Limbaugh, a guy who has truly been a hero to me, may or may not be in for a jail-sit. I think he IS the target of someone with a political axe to grind, and from what I understand, it is pretty unusual for ANY addict to be investigated like this. But, if he's guilty, he's guilty. My only black-helicopter-like thought is that it seems very coincidental that he's being targeted at exactly the same time Algore et al are trying to launch liberal talk-radio network. Weeding out the competition, maybe? Just a thought, mind you.

The site

Even though I'm a web developer and designer, my own site looks a little weird these days. Definitely needs a facelift and probably a weeding out of old content. I'll work on it.

PS: I didn't report on this here, but my job at Micro-net more or less disintegrated. I would say I was fired, but it was more like a layoff due to lack of sales and some other issues, many of which were beyond the control of myself or my employer. I'm still on good terms with them, and ultimately, it was for the best that we parted ways.

Anyway, I was jobless, save for a little free-lance work, during the months of October and November. I am now working for a larger firm, The Interlink Companies, in sales/marketing and I will probably be doing some actual development as well. Holiday period is slow there, but I've been using it to learn what I can. I spent a recent afternoon with the two guys who do a lot of the coding and web site "assembly," and learned quite a bit just watching them work, etc. I've written a couple sites that are currently in development. Things are looking up, finally.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Monday, December 22, 2003

Checking out Mozilla

A better browser than I thought originally. Even though MS has dominance these days, it's nice to have a choice. Check it out here.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Holiday Bliss

My daughters will be home this weekend. Joy. Rapture.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

My favorite Democrat

Some people might be surprised that I even have a favorite Democrat, but Joe Lieberman is it. This story is one reason why. I don't agree with everything Lieberman says, and I probably wouldn't vote for him, but he has his priorities straight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003